H. David Reid


"Diversity is the key to satisfaction", a credo that H. David has lived by for most of his adult life. David's career for the past 40+ years is as a Master Hair Designer and the owner of five Salons from Cincinnati Ohio to Boca Raton Florida.

David's creative design talents were recognized early in his career by a leading salon product manufacturer offering him an opportunity to be a "Guest Artist" , traveling the world for over 15 years teaching the latest hair design techniques for, haircutting, permanent waving, haircoloring services, and success techniques perfected from working with the top stylists in the Beauty Industry. Literally thousands of professional hair designers have benefited from David's expertise.

Not being one to rest on his laurels, David studied photography, becoming proficient enough that his work has appeared in magazines, professional journals, advertising, and educational materials.

Years ago a friend gave David an IBM 286 computer which led his fascination with the world of computing. Not wanting to wait while a technician installed extra components for him, David figured out how to do it himself which eventually led to a formal education studying to become a "Certified A+ Computer Technician". He's been building his own machines since then as well as computers for many others.

Being a "Computer Mechanic", as technically challenging as it is, didn't quite nip the creative bug for David but he soon discovered, Web Design. Designing web sites gave him the creative outlet he was seeking in the technical world he enjoys so much. Combining his eye for color and design elements with his many years of people skills, he started designing small web sites for a select few small businesses and friends.

David sold his last Salon in 1999 and since then has worked with an"exclusive" hair design clientele and a growing group of small business owners creating their websites. I'm as busy as I want to be is a favorite phrase for David nowadays.

Married for 30+ years to his "Favorite Lady" , he is a happy man. If diversity is the key to satisfaction, H. David is truly a satisfied man.

"Those who cling to the security of only what's been done in the past, can never hope to gain the rewards of the future. "

Thanks Robert....R.I.P.

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